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· Archeometry · Climatology, climate change and atmospheric sciences · Soil sciences · Geophysical exploration · Space physics · Structural geology and tectonics · Geodesy · Environmental geology and geophysics · Petroleum geology · Geomagnetism and paleomagnetism · Geohydrology · Geochemistry and petrology · Modeling of geophysical systems · Oceanography · Coastal oceanography · Paleontology · Natural hazards · Sedimentology and stratigraphy · Seismology · Vulcanology ·


· Special session and course proposals: June 2 · Abstract submission: August 11 · Participant pre-registration: September 8 ·


CN01 Special session proposals
Date: From April 7 to June 2
CN02 Course proposals
Date: From April 7 to June 2
CN03 Contest of scientific story "Great extinctions and climate changes"
Date: From April 7 to September 30
CN04 "Francisco Medina Martínez" Prize
Date: From May 7 to June 14
CN05 "Manuel Maldonado Koerdell" Medal
Date: From June 13 to August 11
CN06 Teacher of the year in Earth Sciences
Date: From June 13 to August 11

Regular sessions

AR Archeometry
José Luis Punzo Díaz jose_punzo@inah.gob.mx
Juan Rodrigo Esparza López resparza@colmich.edu.mx
Galia González Hernández galia@geofisica.unam.mx
Ana María Soler Arechalde anesoler@igeofisica.unam.mx
CS Soil science
To define
CCA Climatology, climate change and atmospheric sciences
Erika Danaé López Espinoza danae@atmosfera.unam.mx
Luis Felipe Pineda Martínez luisfpm23@gmail.com
EG Geophysical exploration
Mario González mgonzale@cicese.mx
Iza Canales izacanales@unam.mx
FE Space physics
Juan Américo González Esparza americo@igeofisica.unam.mx
Julio César Mejía Ambriz jcmejia@geofisica.unam.mx
Víctor de la Luz itztli@gmail.com
GEOD Geodesy
GEOH Geohydrology
Antonio Hernández-Espriú ahespriu@gmail.com
GP Petroleum geology
Javier Arellano Gil arellano@unam.mx
GET Structural geology and tectonics
Luca Ferrari luca@unam.mx
José Rosas-Elguera jrosaselguera@yahoo.com
GGA Environmental geology and geophysics
GEOPAL Geomagnetism and paleomagnetism
Manuel Calvo Rathert mcalvo@ubu.es
Rubén Cejudo Ruiz ruben@igeofisica.unam.mx
Miguel Ángel Cervantes miguel_cervantes@enesmorelia.unam.mx
Ana Caccavari anacg@igeofisica.unam.mx
GEOQP Geochemistry and petrology
Geovanni Sosa Cevallos giovanni@geofisica.unam.mx
MSG Modeling of geophysical systems
OCC Coastal oceanography
Cecilia Enríquez Ortiz cenriqz@ciencias.unam.mx
Xavier Chiappa Carrara chiappa@unam.mx
Héctor García hector.gnava@uabc.edu.mx
Manuel Verduzco verduzco.ucol@gmail.com
OCE Oceanography
Ismael de Jesús Mariño Tapia imarino@cinvestav.mx
PALEO Paleontology
Ricardo Barragán Manzo ricardor@geologia.unam.mx
Miguel Angel Torres Martínez miguelatm@geologia.unam.mx
RN Natural hazards
SED Sedimentology and stratigraphy
Jesús Arturo Martín Barajas amartin@cicese.mx
SIS Seismology
Víctor Hugo Márquez Ramírez marvh@geociencias.unam.mx
Quetzalcoatl Rodríguez quetza@geociencias.unam.mx
VUL Vulcanology

Special sessions

SE01 Static characterization of reservoir and their implications
María Magdalena Montiel López magdapf194@gmail.com
Erick Osorio Santiago ing.eosorio@outlook.com
SE02 4th IberoAmerican Congress on Forensic Geology
Ana Caccavari Garza anacg@igeofisica.unam.mx
Carlos Martín Molina Gallego martin.molina@uan.edu.co
Laurance Donnely geologist@hotmail.co.uk
Fabio Salvador salvador.fass@dpf.gov.br
SE03 Modeling of atmospheric processes: theory and applications
Yuri Skiba skiba@unam.mx
David Parra-Guevara pdavid@atmosfera.unam.mx
SE04 Earth Science communication, outreach and education
Bernardo Bastien-Olvera bastien@ucdavis.edu
Raiza Pilatowsky-Gruner rpilatowsky@ucdavis.edu
SE05 Regional climate modelling and CORDEX
Ruth Cerezo-Mota rcerezom@iingen.unam.mx
Juan Matías Mendez Pérez jumendez@uv.mx
SE06 Numerical modelling for renewable energy (wind and ocean)
Markus Gross mgross@cicese.mx
Vanesa Magar vmagar@cicese.edu.mx
SE07 Physical Limnology
SE08 Underwater Science, experiences and tools for ocean research
SE09 Interaction between archeology, anthropology and geosciences: first meeting of the Mexican Society of Western Archeometry
Rodrigo Esparza resparza@colmich.edu.mx
José Luis Punzo jose_punzo@inah.gob.mx
Blanca Maldonado bem171@gmail.com
Peter Jiménez vigozac@yahoo.com
SE10 Deepwater oil spills: Looking to the future
Adolfo Gracia gracia@unam.mx
Steven A. Murawski smurawski@usf.edu
Liesl Hotaling lhotaling@mail.usf.edu
Sherryl Gilbert sherryl@usf.edu
SE11 Geosciences in society: education, outreach and dissemination
Marina Manea marina@geociencias.unam.mx
Sara Solís Valdéz sarasoli@geociencias.unam.mx
Erika Jessenia Moreno erikajess@geociencias.unam.mx
SE12 Disaster prevention for megathrust earthquakes and tsunamis in Mexico
Yoshihiro Ito ito.yoshihiro.4w@kyoto-u.ac.jp
Víctor M. Cruz-Atienza cruz@geofisica.unam.mx
SE13 2017 Mw 8.2 Tehuantepec Earthquake
Allen Husker allen@igeofisica.unam.mx
Aaron Velasco aavelasco@utep.edu
Marco Calo calo@igeofisica.unam.mx
Xyoli Pérez-Campos xyoli@igeofisica.unam.mx
SE14 Monitoring mass movements and transport processes in volcanic environment
Lucia Capra lcapra@geociencias.unam.mx
Víctor Hugo Márquez Ramírez marvh@geociencias.unam.mx
Velio Coviello Velio.Coviello@unibz.it
SE15 Observational studies and modeling of the Gulf of Mexico circulation, bigeochemistry and ecology
Juan Carlos Herguera herguera@cicese.mx
Paula Pérez Brunius brunius@cicese.mx
Sharon Herzka sherzka@cicese.mx
Julio Sheinbaum Pardo julios@cicese.mx
SE16 Ambient seismic noise
SE17 Emerging trends for Earth observation
Alejandro Hinojosa alhinc@cicese.mx
Sergio Arregui sarregui@cicese.mx
SE18 Marine and continental paleoclimatic records
Abdel Siffedine abdel.siffeddine@ird.fr
Ligia Pérez-Cruz perezcruz@igeofisica.unam.mx
SE19 Advances in the application of near-surface geophysical methods
Martín Cárdenas Soto martinc@unam.mx
Gerardo Cifuentes Nava gercifue@geofisica.unam.mx
David Escobedo Zenil dezenil@unam.mx
Esteban Hernández Quintero estebanh@geofisica.unam.mx
SE20 Sargassum
Ligia Pérez-Cruz perezcruz@igeofisica.unam.mx
Elisa Serviere Zaragoza serviere04@cibnor.mx
SE21 25 years of eruption at Popocatépetl Volcano: one of the Earth’s most dangerous volcanoes
Hugo Delgado Granados director@igeofisica.unam.mx
Robin Campion robin@geofisica.unam.mx
SE22 General
Daniel Peralta dperalta@cicese.mx
Ligia Pérez-Cruz perezcruz@igeofisica.unam.mx
SE23 Plenary talks
Daniel Peralta dperalta@cicese.mx
Ligia Pérez-Cruz perezcruz@igeofisica.unam.mx

Abstract submission

The abstract registration of the UGM 2019 Annual Meeting will be open from June 17th to August 11th.

To submit an abstract you need a UGM user account. If you don’t have it yet, create a UGM user account and start submitting your abstracts. If you already have a UGM user account but forgot your password, recover your UGM account password providing your registered email address.

Abstract registration cost is $350 MXN per abstract. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

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The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Unión Geofísica Mexicana will be held at the Sheraton Buganvilias hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México.

home Website: http://www.sheratonvallarta.com
place Address: Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio No. 999, Zona Hotelera Las Glorias C.P. 48333, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México
gps_fixed GPS coordinates: 20.626882, -105.230771
local_airport Local airport: PVR

1st Option (Breakfast included)

Room Rate

Single $2,100 MXN
Double $1,289 MXN
Triple $1,050 MXN

Price per person, per night. Price with taxes included. Includes buffet breakfast. Tips included for bellman, housekeeper and breakfast. Up to two children under 17 years old without charge sharing room with two adults, does not include breakfast.

2nd Option (Without breakfast)

Room Rate

Single $1,760 MXN
Double $880 MXN
Triple $825 MXN

Price per person, per night. Add tax of 19%. It does not include tips for bellman and housekeeper, these will be charged to the room. Up to two children under 17 years old without charge sharing room with two adults.

3rd Option (Students, without breakfast)

Room Rate

Single $1,399 MXN
Double $700 MXN
Triple $650 MXN
Quadruple $600 MXN

Price per person, per night. Add tax of 19%. It does not include tips for bellman and housekeeper, these will be handled at client discretion. A valid student id will be required to apply for this room rate. Breakfasts at 2x1 on the current price. 30% discount on meals, dinners and non-alcoholic beverages. The 2x1 on breakfast and the 30% discount on meals, dinners and non-alcoholic beverages also apply to students not registered in the hotel by presenting the student's id and the 2019 Annual Meeting badge.

Check-in and check-out

  • Check-in: 15:00 hrs.
  • Check-out: 12:00 hrs.

Mandatory tips

In case that the plan or package does not include tips for bellman and housekeeper, they will be charged directly to the room (does not apply for students).

  • Tip for bellman: $50.00 MXN per person, includes arrival and departure.
  • Tip for housekeeper: $22.50 MXN per person, per night.
  • Tip to butlers: $50.00 MXN per room, per night.


By phone:

  • phone +52 322 226 0404
  • phone 01 800 326 4600
  • phone 877 743 7282

By email:

There are a limited number of rooms, we suggest you make your reservation as soon as possible. To receive the special rate and obtain the prices published on this page, in your reservation you must inform that you attend the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Unión Geofísica Mexicana.

Additional benefits

15% discount on food and drinks in consumer centers. 15% discount on stores (not applicable in tobacco stores nor grocery stores). 15% discount on SPA. Usage of the gym in courtesy. These benefits apply to all participants enrolled in the 2019 Annual Meeting.

Past meetings

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